Delaware State Education Association Endorses Ken Simpler for State Treasurer

DOVER, Delaware – The Delaware State Education Association (DSEA) have announced their endorsement of Ken Simpler for Delaware State Treasurer.

state treasurer visits delaware school

Simpler, who was first elected State Treasurer in 2014, has focused on state employees as his greatest asset. He has reclassified 75% of the positions in the Treasurer’s Office to meet changing demands, offer career advancement opportunities and remedy disparities in compensation.

He has been an advocate for performance planning to align personal and institutional goals, compensation benchmarking to enable us to attract and retain qualified personnel, and development and training programs to ensure our workforce is properly skilled. And, retirement plan changes have resulted in reduced fees, more choice, better tools and dedicated support for Delaware’s teachers and state employees.

“Ken Simpler has the experience and insight needed in our State Treasurer. He is thoughtful in his approach to any decision, large or small, especially when looking at policies and how they affect state employees” said Delaware State Education Association (DSEA) President Stephanie Ingram.

Ken lives with his wife, Elizabeth, and their three children in Newark. He was born and raised in Rehoboth Beach, where his family owned and operated the Avenue Restaurant for almost a half of a century. He was first elected the State Treasurer of Delaware in 2014.

The Delaware State Education Assocation (DSEA) represents 13,000 educators in the state of Delaware, over 12,000 of which are current state employees.



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About the Delaware State Education Assocation (DSEA)

DSEA: Standing Strong for Student Success

The Delaware State Education Assocation (DSEA) represents the over 12,000 classroom teachers, specialists, and education support professionals working in Delaware public schools. These individuals are dedicated to providing the best education opportunities to the 130,000 Delaware students. DSEA members provide a wide range of services to the students and the communities they live in.

Our members teach students in classrooms from kindergarten centers through high school. They counsel adolescents and help them build career aspirations. They deliver instructional assistance in every type of subject. They prepare and serve nutritionally-balanced meals. They provide needed transportation and ensure our schools and facilities are clean and safe. They supply the professional services which help our schools run efficiently.

Delaware State Education Association (DSEA) members dedicate their lives to supporting children and public education. Since 1919, DSEA’s mission has been to make our public schools a safe and vibrant atmosphere for educating students. We remain as dedicated now as when we started in 1919. This dedication will continue to drive us forward, forging important partnerships with parents, community leaders, and elected officials, all focused on the goal of providing Delaware children with the a world-class education.

Mission Statement of the DSEA

“The Delaware State Education Association, a union of public school employees, advocates for the rights and interests of its members and outstanding public education for all students.”

More than just words, that is the mission of the Delaware State Education Association. The DSEA is the voice of Delaware’s education employees – in the General Assembly and the courts, in contract talks, and before school boards and state agencies. We will represent educators wherever people make decisions affecting school employees, our students, and their families.


Goals of the Delaware State Education Assocation (DSEA)

  • to increase the capacity of the local affiliates and members to effectively advocate for their needs
  • to advocate and build public support necessary for a quality public education for all students
  • to increase DSEA membership, member commitment and involvement in activities of the union and its affiliates
  • to maximize DSEA member involvement in the political action process in order to impact policy and laws for the benefit of DSEA members
  • to increase the capacity of our human resource, fiscal and communication system
  • to utilize the best technology available to collect and share information that will enable effective decision-making.


The DSEA believes – 

  • that public education is the best way to provide opportunities for all in a democratic society;
  • that DSEA members in public education and public health are our most valuable resources. It is through their empowerment and involvement that we will achieve our mission and goals;
  • that advocacy on behalf of DSEA members and public education is the primary focus of our organization; and
  • that we build relationships based on fairness, dignity and respect.


Ken Simpler has the experience and insight needed in our State Treasurer. He is thoughtful in his approach to any decision, large or small, especially when looking at policies and how they affect state employees.

Stephanie Ingram

DSEA President

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