delaware fire company ken simplerKen Simpler: Want to make a difference for Delaware? Serve on a state board or council. 

Nov. 28, 2018, I attended my last meeting of the Cash Management Policy Board in my capacity as state treasurer. At the end of the two-hour meeting, Chairman John Flynn reflected on his 38 years of serving on the board: “Compared to the previous 34 … we have done more to help the state in the last four years than I can remember.” [Read the full Delaware Online article here.] 

Ken Simpler State Treasurer Delaware CSCKen Simpler: Serving as treasurer was ‘honor and a privilege’

As a child who grew up in Rehoboth Beach, I’ve swum in some heavy seas. Even when I braved surf that I should not have, I’ve always respected the ocean. As a swimmer in that kind of chop, you come to learn how to time the waves, dive to the sea floor to let them crash over and past you, or crest them to bob over the tops. One thing you do not do is simply float in front of them and hope for the best. [Read the full Delaware State News article here.]


Ken Simpler State Treasurer Delaware Seaford SchoolThe News Journal editorial board endorses Ken Simpler for Delaware State Treasurer

The News Journal Editorial Board: “Ken Simpler could hardly be more different than Trump. He works well with Democrats, particularly Governor John Carney’s administration. While he is willing to point out what he sees as flawed policy, he carefully avoids personal attacks on fellow leaders of either party.” [Read the full Delaware Online article here.]



Former Delaware Governor Mike Castle Endorses Ken Simpler

At a time when good policies can suffer because of divisive politics at the federal level, it is reassuring to know that we have reasonable and strong leaders in Delaware who are focused on addressing real issues and creating long-term solutions. Ken Simpler is that kind of leader. [Read the full Cape Gazette article here.]



delaware budget smoothing simplerKen Simpler: Don’t buy the partisan narrative. Delaware Democrats and Republicans work well together.

Democratic Governors Jack Markell and John Carney have appointed Republicans, like State Auditor Tom Wagner and me, to committees and councils to improve on these working relationships. I am proud to serve on all these councils and panels with my colleagues from across the aisle. Work in our divided government can be slow and unsteady, but the direction is positive and the effort is constructive. [Read the full Delaware Online article here.]


Delaware Business PerkinsBusiness leaders: Fix state government’s budget now while times are good

“The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining.” Delaware Business Roundtable and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce and its members strongly agree with Governor John Carney – a Democrat – and state Treasurer Ken Simpler – a Republican – that Delaware needs to enact a constitutional amendment to smooth out the highs and lows of revenue projections and limit annual state spending growth.  [Read the full Delaware online article here.]


Ken Simpler State Treasurer Delaware

Treasurer Simpler: Overreliance on other people’s money part of state budget crisis

State Treasurer Ken Simpler visits communities to discuss Delaware’s state operating budget and ways to improve ongoing budget issues.  [Read the full Hockessin News article here.]



Treasurer Ken Simpler: A ‘grand bargain’ on Delaware’s budget is possible. 

A new Budget Stabilization Fund would have the clear purpose of leveling out peaks and valleys in our income streams and would be funded and drawn down with regularity as our economy expands and contracts.  [Read the full Delaware Online article here.]



Delaware Blue Gold Game State Treasurer Ken Simpler Kayla

Delaware Joins Fourteen States to Assist Persons with Disabilities

Delaware State Treasurer Ken Simpler announced that Delaware will join a multi-state consortium known as the National ABLE Alliance to establish an “Achieving a Better Life Experience” program. Our priority is to provide Delawareans with disabilities a fiscally sound means to achieve a more secure economic future. ABLE accounts will empower them to make long-term planning decisions according to their specific needs.  [Read the full government press release here.]





Ken Simpler State Treasurer Delaware Plan

Delaware named Plan Sponsor of the Year for the overhaul of defined contribution plans.

Last year, the State of Delaware consolidated its three defined contribution (DC) plans—a 403(b), a 457(b), and a 401(a)—with one recordkeeper. Previously, the three plans had a total of 15 recordkeepers between them, and that posed challenges. Among the three plans, for example, participants had thousands of investment options, State of Delaware Treasurer Ken Simpler says. [Read the full Plan Sponsor article here.]

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